A third of all produce entering the U.S. from south of the border comes through this port, in Nogales, AZ.

Buyers use the inside guys at PDG Produce to find and consolidate the best produce in Nogales and beyond.

These guys aren't working for the supplier.

They work for you.

Their daily job —to eliminate buyer headaches and know where the best of everything is. Nothing gets by them. They personally inspect and assemble your order.

Paul D. Guy
President & Owner
Diana Villanez
Sales & Assistant to Owner
Paul "Hunter"
Sales Rep
Javier Esquivias
Sales Rep
Lenny Bracamonte
Sales Rep
Mike Heath
Sales Rep
Rob Soto
Grower Direct Sales Rep

Procurement Impossible?

Our procurement success is due to more than just being insiders...

It's our reputation.

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
AP/AR Assistant

Fewer pickups for your driver means fewer headaches and fresher produce. Here's how we keep the cold chain unbroken.

Your truck docks directly to our refrigerated, primus certified (super-clean) warehouses.

Our 75,000 square feet are divided into different temperature zones to ensure your produce is stored at the perfect temperature until pickup.

So how did all of this get started?

Paul was an inside Guy from the beginning, working the produce market with his father, a wholesaler in Cleveland, Ohio. One year while vacationing in Arizona, Paul ran into a family colleague, a produce broker from Virginia. An invite to see the produce market in Nogales, turned into a job offer, and Paul took a gig in sales.

In the winter Paul worked out of Nogales and during the summer he worked out of Virginia. But after a few years, Paul's Nogales customers encouraged him to strike out on his own and focus on the Nogales market. So in October of 1985, that's exactly what he did.

PDG Produce was a one-man operation in the early years. Paul's customer base ranged from wholesalers to chain stores. As the number of inside guys at PDG Produce began to grow, so did their volume —and footprint.

30 years later, PDG produce has become a highly efficient operation, with decades of finely tuned experience navigating the Nogales marketplace. Their three warehouses are filled and emptied daily and dozens of employees work tirelessly six days a week to ensure buyer satisfaction.